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- Florida Cake Decorator's Association

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Outrageous Cakes Tampa Bakery


Our Outrageous Cakes are just as special as the occasions they are made for.  Every culinary creation is made with the finest hand-sourced ingredients and is guaranteed to be an original edible work of art.  We take pride in the imaginative minds behind each design, which is why you will never find two cakes exactly alike.  When you invest in a cake from us, you're not simply purchasing a cake.  You are hiring an individual culinary artist to bring your vision to life.  


             We know an irresistible dessert shouldn’t be reserved just for the finest of occasions.  This is why we offer unlimited options.  If a towering cake is not quite your style, we have ornate cupcakes, mouth-watering cake pops, and custom decorated cookies that are sure to shine.  We also have a special treat for any night of the week with our Cake Jars.  Put the ice cream bucket aside and indulge your taste buds with one of our many showpiece flavors.  From red velvet to mint chocolate chip you're sure to find a favorite cake jar.  If none of the popular favorites fit your cravings, we always offer a 'create your own' option.  With Outrageous Cakes, you'll never have to suffer through denying your sweet tooth again. 


A beautiful cake demands high expectations of flavors.  We deliver both standards of beauty and taste with our vast assortment of flavors.  Gone are the days of having to settle for chocolate or vanilla.  Take a walk on the wild side with our chocolate peanut butter cup.  If that seems too strong and you’re looking for something softer, try out our lemon or strawberry cakes.  Here at outrageous cakes, our confections are sure to be just as delicious as they are gorgeous. 

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