Hometown Heroes

Outrageous Cakes Tampa Bakery

Celebrate your loved ones retirement or promotion with a custom first responder or military cake from Outrageous Cakes Tampa bakery. First Responders: we can replicate a badge, uniform or even an emergency vehicle complete with working lights and sirens, MILITARY: we can replicate a uniform, tank, jet, you name it! 

Since we too have first reponders and military in our families, we are pleased to offer a special discount to first responders, active members of the U.S. armed forces and our veterans.

Tampa Police Cake
Florida State Trooper's Badge Cake
Military Uniform Cake
Military Tiered Cake
Firefighters Cake
Hello Kitty Ait Force Cake
Firefighter's Badge Cake
Air Force Cake
Cartoon Military Plane Cake
3 Tiered Police Cake
Military Round Cake
Military Retirement Sheet Cake
Military Round Cake
Army Cowboy Cake
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