Sculpted Cakes

Outrageous Cakes Tampa Bakery

If you are looking for a custom cake that is delcious and that gives you the WOW factor, then Outrageous Cakes is the perfect choice.

Money Bag Cake_
SpongeBob Cake
Dessert Wars
Designer Purse Cake #002
Travis Scott Nike Shoe Cake
Electric Guitar Cake
Slot Machine Cake
Monster Mutt Cake
Building Cakes
Jordan Cement 4 2016 Cake
Designer Purse Cake
SpongeBob & Friends Cake
Phillie Phanatic Cake
Alice In Wonderland Cake
Shark Cake
Designer Purse Cake
Jordan Retro Shoe Cake
Pikachu Cake
Cigar Box Cake
Doggie Cake
Pontiac Car Cake
Batman Monster Truck Cake
Baby Bump Cake
Female Minion Cake
Jordan Shoe Cake
Gir Cake
Penguin Cake
Mario Mushroom Cake
Electric Guitar Cake
Mickey's Clubhouse Cake
Boombox Cake
Minion Golfer Cake
Brain Cake
Miami Hurricanes Dog
Cannon Camera Cake
Little Blue Truck Cake
Minion In Pool Cake
Cartoon Military Plane Cake
Dog Cake - Outrageous Cakes Tampa Bakery
Stacked Baby Pillow Cake
Movie Theater Cake
Superhero Themed Cake
Grave Digger Monster Truck Cake
Madagascar Penguin Cake
Volcano Cake
M & M Topsy Turvy Cake
Fat Hot Dog Cake
Mario and Pac-man Cake
Baby Pillow Cake
Minion Cake
Mouse Cake
Construction Themed Cake
Garbage Truck Cake
Two Turntables Cake
SpongeBob & Friends Cake
Multi Scene Video Game Cake
Thomas The Train Cake
Miss Pererine's Movie Cake
UF Stadium Cake
Tombstone Cake
Diaper Bag Cake