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Children's  Birthday Cakes

Outrageous Cakes & Desserts Tampa Bakery

Watch your child's eyes light up with excitement when he or she sees  their awesome custom birthday cake from Outrageous Cakes.  

Sonic 2 tiered Cake
Apple Cake
Encanto Themed Cake
Rainbow Friends 2 Tiered Drip Cake
Llama Cake
Spyro The Dragon Cake
Scooby-Doo Drip Cake
GO! GO! Cory Carson Cake
Minecraft Single Tier Cake
Cocomelon Cake
Legend of Zelda Shield Cake
Toy Story Cake
Woodlands Cake
Pokemon Drip Cake
Kittycorn Cake
Stranger Things Cake
Round Doggie Cake
Clubhouse Cake
Paw Patrol Drip Cake
Minecraft Cake
Overwatch Concussion Mine Cake
Nerf Themed Cake
Nemo and Dory Themed Cake
Solar System Cake
Alice In Wonderland Themed Cake
Ebony Little Princess Cake
Donut Cake
Bunny Rabbit Cake
Star Wars Yoda Cake
Moana Themed Cake
spirnkles cake banner
Among Us Inspired Cake
Barbie Cake
Frozen Themed Cake
PJ Masks Cake
Custom Cake
kit kat cake banner
Princess Penelope Candy Crush Cake
Bulldozer Cake
Frankenstein and Rat Fink Cake
Blast Off Cake
Moana Cake
Two Tiered Lego Cake
Mermaid Cake
Noah's Ark Cake
Minnie Mouse Tiered Cake
Transformers Cake
Construction Cake
Kung Fu Panda Cake
Cinderella Princess Tiered Cake
Final Space Cake
Bumble Bee Transformers Cake
Fortnite Cake
Toy Story Cake
Tiered Mermaid Cake
Fortnite Cake
Mulan Cake
Dragon Ball Z Cake
Mermaid Cake
Jungle Cake
Baby Shark Cake
Kids Birthday Cake
Numbers Cake
Tiered Jungle Cake
Farm Animal Cake
Bunny Cake
First Birthday Blast Cake
Where The Wild Things Are Cake
Play Station Cake
Paw Patrol Cake
Police Shirt Cake
Kitty Cat Cake
SpongeBob Cake
Spa Day Cake
Tiered Dino Cake
Tiered Kid's Police Cake
Roblox Cake
Power Rangers Themed Cake
Pikachu Cake
Jurassic World Cake
Sonic the Hedgehog Cake
Superhero Themed Cake
Fallout Cake
Ryan's World Cake
Bayblade Inspired Cake
Two Tiered Planes Cake
Girl Superhero Cake
Wolverine Cake
Jurassic Park Cake
Candy Land Birthday Cake
Pikachu and Pokeball Cake
Spiderman and Batman Cake
Angry Birds Cake
Mickey's Clubhouse Cake
Death Star Cake
Mario Cake
Lego Cake
Paw Patrol Birthday Cake
Tiered Mickey's Clubhouse Cake
Batman Monster Truck Cake
Doggie Cake
Sleeping Beauty Cake
Naruto Caje
Bunny Cake
Gremlin / Yoda Themed Cake
Fortnite Cake
Minnie Mouse Cake
Karate Cake
Frozen Inspired Cake
Cookie Monster Cake
Star Wars Cake
Mario Mushroom Cake
Planes Themed Cake
Pucca Cake
Karate Uniform Cake
My Little Pony Cake
Mermaid Themed Cake
Lego Cake
Apple Cake
Female Minion Cake
Rick and Morty Cake
Little Blue Truck Cake
Toy Story Tiered Cake
Unicorn Cake
Angry Birds Cake
Girl Birthday Cake
2 Tiered Mickey Mouse Cake
Cartoon Castle Cake
Garbage Truck Cake
Mickey's First Birthday Cake
Thomas The Train Cake
Winter Wonderland Themed Cake
Picnic Themed Cake
Minion In Pool Cake
Rug Rats Cake
Optimus Prime Cake
Construction Themed Cake
Cartoon Style Dino Cake
SpongeBob & Friends Cake
Descendants Cake
Hello Kitty Cake
Dr. Seuss Themed Cake
Monster Mutt Cake
Sponge Bob Cake
Madagascar Penguin Cake
Pikachu Tiered Cake
Grave Digger Monster Truck Cake
Cars Cake
Teen Titans Cake
Little Blue Truck Tiered Cake
Mermaid Cake pic #2
Mickey Mouse Cake
Pirate Ship Cake
Ninja Warrior Cake
Smurf Cake
Skittles Cake
M & M Topsy Turvy Cake
Lion King Cake
Multi Scene Video Game Cake
Alice In Wonderland Cake
Laser Tag Cake
Underwater Themed Cake
Volcano Cake
Elmo Underwater Cake
Mouse Cake
Thomas The Train Tiered Cake
Super Why Cake
Minnie Mouse Cake
Monster Truck Cake
Ninja Cake
Minion Cake
Thomas The Train Cake
Video Game Cake
Kitty Cat Cake
Beauty and the Beast Cake
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