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Cake Jars

Outrageous Cakes & Desserts Tampa Bakery

At Outrageous Cakes we know dessert isn’t reserved for special occasions only.  This is why we have Cake Jars ready when you are! Each jar contains 4 or 8 ounces of delicious cake, icing, and toppings.  Our signature classics like cookies & cream, unicorn and birthday cake aren’t the only options you’ll find.  We also offer “Create Your Own” jars to meet any sweet tooth request.  Our Outrageous Cake Jars are all about convenience for you.  Each jar comes ready to eat so there will never be a mess to clean up.  The best part is that we deliver locally and ship out of the area.  We know anytime is a good time for cake, so don’t wait! Order one now! 

4 ounce Jar: $6.00 Each
8 ounce Jar: $10.00 Each

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